I was stricken by a 'bout of insanity...

and the FSM appeared unto me in a vision and sayeth, "go and find 'BOB' that ye may have Slack, eat the Golden Apple of Discord that ye may find the fairest," and then he/she/it/they/we/us/them gave unto me the Star Wars Trilogies so that I "may never forget the ways of the Jedi; and George Lucas's marketing genius, which has only been enhanced by the Disney corporation! Have you seen the resale value on these toy lines!?"

I was lost in a world of darkness and unknowingness

traveling though dark and light dimensions and through many cosmos throughout the omniverses, without a guide, until I discovered the only people who could save me. The Revengerists. The world's first and greatest team of Awesomes , super-powered human mutants and aliens from around the galaxy. After many unknown struggles and corruptions, I seek redemption in the black of the night, standing between darkness and evil, where the evil lurks to the shadows and the good dare not go, to the fighting crimeness and tame-ass karate with the The Revengerists.  

~ Der Kirche