Bookmarklets are javascript functions that live in your bookmarks bar, each provides additional functionality for your browser. To "install" one, simply click and drag it to your bookmarks bar.

  1. Open appropriate links in Google Docs Viewer(DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, PAGES, EPS, PS, PSD, AI, XPS, TTF, DXF, SVG)
  2. Validate with
  3. HTML5 notepad
  4. Rotate All Images +90deg
  5. Rotate All Images -90deg
  6. Get all external Links
  7. Query Scraper (use css query to scrape content; output in fortune-like format)
  8. Search current domain with Google
  9. Open Google's cached version of the current page
  10. Open Internet Archive's version of the current page
  11. Read current page with
  12. Get QR code for current URL (via google chart API)
  13. Edit text on page
  14. Change password fields to text
  15. Imgur image to page
  16. Hide "People" sidebar in Jira
  17. Open All Links on Page